Today marks the 39th annual Empire State Building tower race where runners challenge gravity 7″ at a time over 1,576 repetitions.  Just like Jack Frost’s eyes got big recently in the east from Snowpocalypse 2016 last month, Mr. Patellofemoral Joint Syndrome is about to display his ugly grin…a very wide grin at that. For the sake […]

Since writing last night, I’ve had some welcoming comments and more understanding of my mis-interpretation.   For me to hear “liters” is most likely “leaders“.  T’s and D’s are drawn out together around here :)  Too bad I didn’t get corrected by my patients or colleagues !  But either way, that was the reason I posted […]

Seems like I’m on a roll here with case reports on upper cervical spine screening lately!  Just deal with it, it’s an interest of mine :) I do enjoy reading these as can be great learning experiences to reflect on, especially considering something as serious and rare pathoanatomical conditions do not walk in your door […]

This is a positive case report by Futch et al on proper clinical reasoning for a young female seeking out chiropractic services for headache, which turned out to be an acute left vertebral artery dissection.  “Myth Exploded” as a catchline may be a little extreme but nevertheless, was published in BMJ Case Reports. The statement in […]

TTH are the most common type of headache.  More than likely even if a patient isn’t referred to you for headaches, you should be able to help them some, if not fully, if you inquire more about any headaches.  Dr. Arendt-Nielsen and colleagues do an excellent job at presenting the evidence on the role of muscle […]

I haven’t been as consistent writing on my blog (my apologies to readers), but I haven’t quit learning or reading clinical literature— just not taking as much time to post long articles that keep me away from family and work! Therefore, I am going to start a new series of posting the title and quick […]

I read with interest this Johnson et al 2008 Manual Therapy by Dr. Johnson on a patient responding to manual therapy after having a (modified) positive vertebral artery test.  This article is not open access but feel free to contact me if you would like it @ The Case The gist is a 24 […]

I wrote a 2 part series on treatment of a patient with Morton’s Neuroma back in the day in 2012.  Here is part 1 and part 2. I recommend reading them first before proceeding. Overall, a very cool case for a patient who received full relief in 3 visits & who did not respond at all […]

The title to my blog is, “Physical Therapy Blog on Evidenced-Informed Orthopedics, Manual Therapy and Knowledge Translation from Academia to Clinical Practice” with a primary emphasis on the bolded phrase.  With the blog and intern teaching, I try to mingle all 3 aspects of EBP but especially giving a fairness to the two that most […]

Colleagues / Readers, My family and I will be attending this year’s AAOMPT Conference in Louisville, KY from Friday, Oct 23rd to Sunday, Oct 25th.  If any of you’ll are going to be attending, I would love to catch up and talk shop. Shoot me an email at if you plan to attend and […]


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