The E-Mentorship Program through Pain and Spine Specialist


My E-Mentorship Program is a personalized, online mentorship program intended for physical therapists, both for new graduates and seasoned clinicians.  The overall mission is to assist you in maximizing your results in the clinic by providing the most optimal treatment approaches based on your patient’s values, your skills and evidence; hence the 3 pillars of EBP.   My goal is to assist you in tackling the complex cases to gain results for the patient in regards to pain relief, decreased disability and improvement in function.


A program will be set up personally between me and you in regards to duration and frequency, but I do recommend initial contact to be made weekly for at least 30 minutes to 60 minutes to discuss complex cases in your patient load that could use assistance from a seasoned mentor.

Why me?

The main reason is that I love to mentor and discuss complex cases!  I have been a part of over 15 individual student DPTs through their entry level education and several post-graduate fellowship mentees as they gain higher level understanding and metacognition.  This is a passion of mine and I hope to pass it on to you to assist you in becoming the best clinician you can be!

I am > 10 years out of my DPT—enough time to gain experience but not be an “old-timer”.  I keep up with the evidence, newest trends but don’t get carried away with newest systems—sticking to concepts will never fail you.  Don’t fall victim to the latest and supposedly greatest approaches.


This is not a weekend continuing education course.  This is a informal, yet productive mentorship program that can be accessed online from anywhere in the world!  I know from my experience and training—the time with my mentors superseded any lectures and group lab time!

I will challenge you and your skills to gain the best possible outcomes for your patients.

I use what we discuss in clinical cases to maximize your subjective, objective and assessment findings to determine the most efficient plan of care based on the 3 pillars of EBP.

I have been fortunate to gain significant expertise and knowledge through my Diplomate and Fellowship Programs in Osteopractic Physical Therapy and Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, respectively in order to pursue this mentorship program for my peers.  These programs in themselves have required significant time, money and energy.  My hope is to give back!


Online video chatting, preferably Google Hangouts as “share screen” option is more viable but Skype can work too.


Email me at to chat further


Contact me for prices.

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