The teaching approach that Harrison takes is one that appeals to all types and levels of students and providers.  His ability to break down concepts and portray his vision to his mentees both challenges your paradigm and motivates you to engulf yourself in the literature and techniques appropriate for all patients’ plan of care.  I would highly recommend working with Harrison to enhance your career as a doctorate level physical therapist.

Cory Lail, c/o 2017

I am grateful I was able to spend 8 weeks learning from Harrison. He took great care to ensure my understanding of various topics, from the theories behind manual therapy to treatment of cervicogenic headaches, all while utilizing teaching techniques that best suited my learning style. I felt I learned how to form a complete clinical picture of patients as Harrison took the time to teach and take into consideration each of the three pillars of evidenced-based practice. I would not hesitate to recommend spending time learning from Harrison in order to progress your clinical skills as a physical therapist.

Nicki Gelich, c/o 2017
Nicki Gelich, c/o 2017

To put it quite frankly Dr. Vaughan is an excellent mentor. His ability to assess your clinical reasoning, skill set, and learning style are invaluable in his process. This enables a relationship the pushes you beyond your comfort zone in a constructive manor that facilitates optimal growth. I truly appreciated his openness to differing points of view. Through my year of mentoring with Dr. Vaughan I saw my clinical reasoning and skill set grow more than anticipated. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to learn from Dr. Vaughan. I believe any clinician, no matter their point in career, would benefit from his instruction.

Justin Loss, PT, DPT, Dip. Osteopractic, FAAOMPT