If anyone has ever performed any plumbing work, they know the importance of the system working right when the water is running!  The setup is much more than the old saying of hot water on the left, cold on the right and shit doesn’t go uphill…especially when things go wrong.    The pipes look great […]

I had the pleasure to briefly meet Dr. Bill O’Grady at this year’s CSM in Las Vegas (you can access my posts from the conference here, here and here).  It was so quick that I am sure he doesn’t remember me, however, I do want to give a shout out to congratulate him on winning this […]

My current doctoral intern was applying for an entry-level job position when the following question arose: How would you rate the following from highest to lowest priority? – Documentation – Client Loyalty – Manual Therapy Expertise – Customer Service – Compliance He and I spoke about this and we both agreed on customer service.  I have always […]

Hey guys and gals, The time has come again to nominate for best PT Blogs online.  I was very fortunate last year to win the Best Clinic PT Blog and couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks again for reading and your continued support. There are lots of great blogs out there (I would say […]

The FLR (Functional Limitation Reporting) is upon us at full force.  For those therapists out there who do not see a high Medicare percentage like I do…well I don’t like you.  Our front desk and therapists don’t work on the sexagesimal system (timekeeping in a base of 60 such as minutes/seconds) but in units of […]

Most of us practicing clinicians can confidently say that we strive everyday to get the best outcomes.  It helps promote our profession, our private (or hospital-based) practices and honestly, our own ego.  I chose my first job to mentor under a skilled, experienced clinician and continue to strive to become better everyday.  I am seeking […]

I recently wrote an article for MedBridge, entitled “Diagnosing Hip Osteoarthritis using Clinical Features”.  I have attached the column below but you can also access it here, which includes examples of clinical tests and 3D model library.  If you are looking for further clinical education units from the comfort of you home, be sure to […]

Admittingly, I use analogies to get my point across during clinical education to students for imagery and basic fun. More admittingly, they are typically horrible but do get a good laugh across….and some blank stares. As a Duke college basketball fan and overall being stoked here lately due to March Madness fever, I expressed to […]

One of the biggest complaints that I hear from patients when they go to physician’s offices is the wait time.  We have all been there checking our watches and cautiously watching others make their way into back offices.  The Southern Living magazines and Sirius XM music is nice, but there is only a certain tolerance for […]

My current intern and I recently had a young, 16 y/o female patient with a 3 year case of low back pain (yes, 3 yrs and just came to see us).  To make a long story short, after getting her symptoms calmed down (she had allodynia setting in to her low back), we started to […]


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