Max Zusman has a great Editorial Opinion in the Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare in 2013 entitled, “Belief reinforcement. one reason why costs for low back pain have not decreased”.  It is available via open source here. There are definitely many points out of this piece that could be written about, but I like how he […]

I am sure all of you have heard the phrase that clinical practice is ~13-18 yrs  behind what research shows is effective.  Meaning, it takes this amount of time for changes to occur clinically based on sound evidence.  This may shorten with the access to relevant research (blogs, Twitter, Pedro, etc.), but to be realistic, […]

As I get ready to embark on my first week of orthopaedic manual physical therapy fellowship training through AAMT, I know I will be challenged professionally more than I have in the past six years as a clinician.  I will be alongside some of the most ambitious and forward-thinking clinicians in the country and learn from […]

Ahh, the mystical frozen shoulder.  We have all had our share of patients, with frustration typically steaming out of both parties’ ears.  It is a diagnosis usually made of exclusion, but a proper examination can help rule-in the condition.  The onset is usually spontaneous, the cause of the condition is still unknown and not one […]

Eric Jorde, a colleague, and I were talking the other day about the rise of students that come to us for internships who are considering Residency Programs now.  When I graduated just 6 years ago, continuing on to a residency program after graduating was not a consideration at all! With that said, both he, I and David […]

  The title, “Where and what is your DRIVER”, refers to an area of the body where you think is the pain provocator, source of greatest dysfunction, locator of primary deficits, or in general the most common targeted area to intervene to get the most bang for your buck.  Now that is a run on sentence! You […]

I am very fortunate to have been nominated for the “Best Clinic Blog” Award again this year through Therapydia.  Thank you all who nominated me. I was and continue to be humbled by winning the category in 2013. If you continue to enjoy my posts, please take a few minutes to vote for this year’s […]

If anyone has ever performed any plumbing work, they know the importance of the system working right when the water is running!  The setup is much more than the old saying of hot water on the left, cold on the right and shit doesn’t go uphill…especially when things go wrong.    The pipes look great […]

I had the pleasure to briefly meet Dr. Bill O’Grady at this year’s CSM in Las Vegas (you can access my posts from the conference here, here and here).  It was so quick that I am sure he doesn’t remember me, however, I do want to give a shout out to congratulate him on winning this […]

My current doctoral intern was applying for an entry-level job position when the following question arose: How would you rate the following from highest to lowest priority? – Documentation – Client Loyalty – Manual Therapy Expertise – Customer Service – Compliance He and I spoke about this and we both agreed on customer service.  I have always […]


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