In-Home & In-Office Rates

Initial Evaluation


Follow-up Appointments




For emergencies (weekends/holidays/after hours), $150 for initial evaluation and $100 for follow-up appointments.

Appointments are 60 minutes in length.

Location and Radius of Services

I am located in Wake Forest, North Carolina.  The following are the cities and towns in which I provide my services:

  • Wake Forest
  • Raleigh
  • Youngsville
  • Rolesville
  • Franklinton
  • Louisburg
  • Zebulon

Due to the business model of coming to you for treatment, there are some distances away from me that just is not feasible financially.  However, if you are outside the areas listed above, feel free to contact me anyway and hopefully we can work something out.

Why this business model?

  • I know everyone has busy lives and sometimes it is hard to find time in your day to make it to appointments.  I try to simplify the process and come directly to you so the time being treated is the most time-efficient and personal service that you can find anywhere.
  • I have been working with patients who have pain for quite some time.  I know it is very difficult, and sometimes even humiliating, to sit in a waiting room and be treated around all types of patients.  This model eliminates that process as I am able to treat you in the comfort of your own home.
  • Home visits from practitioners is very rare.  Nowadays,  massage therapists are typically the only ones treating individuals in the comfort of their own home.  Why not an experienced, musculoskeletal specialist who provides a hands-on approach followed by specific exercises and education?  This bundle has been shown in research but also anecdotally from years of treating to give you the rapid results that you need to get back on track with your life.
  • Coming to your home does keep down overhead as well.  This is how I am able to perform my craft for the lowest possible price.
  • There are many individuals who work from home now.  Even though you are not working from a cubicle in an office, you could possibly still be sitting at a desk to get your work done.  This can be, in many instances, the reason for your symptoms.  I have found it a limitation in the past that I cannot see and adjust your workplace to make it more ergonomic.  I am able to perform an ergonomic assessment in your work place too.


  • I charge $125 for an initial evaluation and $85 for follow-up appointments.
  • For emergencies (weekends/holidays/after hours), $150 for initial evaluation and $100 for follow-up appointments.
  • The amount of visits necessary to address your problem varies from each individual.  I strive on achieving the quickest results in the least amount of time to keep costs for you down.

Do you take insurance?

  • No, the business model that I use is a fee-for-service design.  Meaning, you pay for your treatment at the time of service.  I accept cash.
  • This means that I am “out of network” provider with your insurance company.
  • Your payment may be reimbursed by your insurance but not guaranteed.

Why do I not take insurance?

  • In most cases, insurance companies impact how physical therapists can treat you.  I want to take out the “middle-man” to provide the quality of services that can be limited by 3rd party payers.
  • Unfortunately insurance companies are making a lot of changes to non-vital services like physical therapy.  This has been seen with Medicare, which has made more changes in the last 8 months than the last 8 years in physical therapy. Even if you do not have Medicare, many insurance companies tend to follow these changes.  What this means is that cuts not only harm the healthcare professionals; but more importantly, you, the consumer.
  • I am passionate about getting people better! It is why I pursued this field and continued to specialize in pain relief.  I do not want to be limited in how I treat from a 3rd party payer, but simply be able to work directly with you.

Can I bill my insurance for reimbursement for my out-of-pocket expenses?

  • It depends on your insurance, but for most instances, yes!  Your insurance company’s website should have a claim form that can be printed off and then sent in to your insurance along with my treatment codes and receipts.
  • The amount of reimbursement depends on your insurance.  If you are concerned prior to our consultation, then I would recommend calling your insurance company and asking about reimbursement for “out of network physical therapy services”.

Do I need to see a doctor before I see you?

  • No.  You do not need to see a medical doctor before you see a physical therapist in the state of North Carolina.  Seeing a physical therapist without a referral is called Direct Access and has been in place in North Carolina since 1985.
  • I will coordinate my care with your physician or other primary healthcare provider.
  • Physical therapists cannot provide a medical diagnosis, however, a thorough evaluation and assessment will be made to determine a functional diagnosis and to make sure your symptoms are musculoskeletal in nature.
  • I am a big advocate of early access to physical therapy services and have been practicing under this law since I graduated from physical therapy school.
  • I find that the more acute your symptom are & get treated, the quicker you can get back to moving without pain!  This is not only my experience, but has been shown in medical research.
  • Early physical therapy intervention has been linked to decreased used of opiod (pain medication), less time off of work, decreased use of injections, less physician visits and decreased use of advanced imaging such as MRIs (see article here).

Bottom Line

  • There are no hidden fees or contracts.  No deductibles, co-pays or out of pocket minimals to deal with.
  • Millions of Americans have pain and need to take medication to manage it.  I don’t believe this should be the case!  If you aren’t able to get treatment from me, I recommend you contact your nearest physical therapist!
  • I communicate with you personally to schedule and treat to assist you in getting relief and improve your life.