Sitting WILL become our population’s demise

Sitting. This is the new smoking as experts may say. It will become the demise of the general population, either through musculoskeletal injuries as we see daily to significantly higher cardiovascular risk.

I am the healthcare representative of the Xtension Desk; a product designed to make the static desk job…well LESS static! The company is utilizing a form of crowdfunding to raise the final funds to make the prototype reality. I am not a salesperson, actually did not take over my family’s three generation store to become a physical therapist.

However, I am a believer. I believe in this product, this concept…and most of all the negative effects of prolonged sitting. As a musculoskeletal expert and practicing clinician, just like all of you reading this blog, I see the ill effects of sitting in all my patients over the years. It is an opportunity to become more active in our prevention, and treatment, of MSK disorders. It may be that final straw to get someone over the hump for improved health.  The 10 reps of standing lumbar extension or trip to the water cooler is just not going to do it…

There are plenty of products on the market, but none that can be promoted by the professionals who know their stuff….US. Check out the Xtension Desk’s website and let me know what you think. You can even find an article in the upcoming Advance for PT magazine (I’ll link out when it becomes digital).

In the meantime, check out this infographic that I got from a recent Slate magazine article.


In the News


Just saw a new fad of exercising in high heels on GMA this morning.  Pretty sure exercising in high heels is not a good thing!  Get ready to treat ankle sprains…check out Bboy Science here for a complete recovery guide to treating ankle sprains.


Good blog over at the New York Times Health Blog here about doctors being cost conscious about health care costs and if patients are on the same page.  Simply, no.  When it came to the patient’s health, patients did not want cost to be a component in decision making.  If I was on the other side of the room as I usually say in my treatment, I would definitely want to be treated without cost being a factor too.

The biggest feud I get is that patients arrive saying they will ‘try’ physical therapy first due to back pain because the doctor told them too prior to getting an MRI.  I have a whole spill that there are many false positives to MRIs for MSK injuries, especially low back pain; which can lead to unnecessary treatments.  I find providing this video here titled, “Wrinkles on the Inside” from EIM’s website is a great resource! It seems to get the point I want across much quicker for my patients.  They tend to say, ‘ahh okay I understand now’ or ‘that was interesting, I didn’t that'(even though I just told them!).


And finally thanks to my readers and other bloggers in the physical therapy, rehabilitation and health field out there who nominated and voted for In Touch Physical Therapy Blog for Blog Awards through Therapydia.  I am privileged to win the “Best Clinic Blog” as there are extremely good blogs out there that leave this one in the dust!  It motivates me to write more and continue to share and learn with others all over the world.  Thank you.


In the News

Be careful what you post on Facebook or other social media sites.  This physician is under fire for her comments on a patient being late.  Just use common sense!

Vision 2020 will be here before we know it!  There is even a site now through APTA looking beyond 2020. Are we on track to meeting this dream in 7 yrs?  I think we have a long ways to go.  Easy to say negative things from the outside since I am not a participating member in the task force.  I can tell you from my volunteer days in the Virginia Physical Therapy Association, these individuals do alot for our profession!  It is easier said than done.

Express your opinion and read more comments on the Moving Forward Blog here. You can also find more information at it’s site here, and to refresh, here is the the vision sentence:

By 2020, physical therapy will be provided by physical therapists who are doctors of physical therapy, recognized by consumers and other health care professionals as the practitioners of choice to whom consumers have direct access for the diagnosis of, interventions for, and prevention of impairments, activity limitations, participation restrictions, and environmental barriers related to movement, function, and health.

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Dr. Oz is at it again.  This time its cutting-edge treatments for low back pain.  Granted he finally did get a PT on the show (better than just chiropractors!), but really, ultrasound?  I would have hopped on the inversion table bandwagon before this modality.  I thought we were over modalities by now, especially ultrasound?  We do need to keep in mind this is TV but very popular and I’m sure a patient will ask you about it soon. See the segment for yourself here.

Has anyone recommended any of these stress reliever apps to their patients (see USA article here on 8 apps to de-stress)?  I’m always in to trying to find improved self-adherence to de-stressing maneuvers and diaphragmatic breathing in particular.


In The News: Bionic Leg


Not sure if everyone has seen this article about the mind-controlled prosthetic limb. This gentlemen just climbed the Willis Tower in Chicago! Not sure how it worked, but his muscles contracted when his brain said to climb! This is very pioneering in regards to rehabilitation and definitely an advancement in our (and prosthetic) field. Not very often in orthopaedic (and especially spinal care!) that an advancement like this occurs, even if this feat is in the infancy stage. Its a very positive change at a time where we tend to argue about the benefits of a particular technique or approach instead of simply loving what we do as a profession.

I had a great opportunity as an intern to work under the great David Lawrence (clinic site here) for an entire clinical on amputee rehab, so this is very interesting to me. Anyone who has performed rehab with this population definitely knows what I mean!

In the News

Knee replacement have been and continuing to be on the rise (actually an increase of 161% in past 20 yrs).  I am sure we all physical therapists speculated this has and would be the case.  Not the most entertaining or challening rehabilitation so hopefully my schedule of post-op TKAs doesn’t soar!  Does anyone know of any great techniques to change these slow responders to quicker ones 🙂

Trampoline injuries are down!  Good news as I will never get on one again.  I don’t have a sob story that got me into P.T. as a young lad…just trying to impress women on a trampoline that led to that ankle sprain…

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