Cervicogenic Dizziness is FINALLY here!

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I’m super stoked to finally say that the day has come! After over 3 yrs of developing and 2 kiddos later, Danielle and I have our first course on Diagnosis and Management of Cervicogenic Dizziness this coming weekend!

I don’t think you’ll be let down as our manuscript (included with each course) has—
> 60,000 words
> 550 references
> 250 pages
> 65 tables/figures

—all in the ultimate package to diagnose (including ruling-out) competing disorders through the Optimal Sequence Algorithm and evidence-based treatment approach of manual therapies and sensorimotor training through the Physio Blend.

2 days (16 CEUs) of goodness combining the thoughts and actions of a “manual PT” and “vestibular PT” — myself and my wife, Danielle.

I hope you get to join us sometime to experience how you can maximize in helping your patients with BPPV, giddiness/unsteadiness, WAD and post-concussive syndrome.

Let me know if you’re interested and see if we can come to a city near you!


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