Last chance to sign up for my August 12-13, 2017 Cervicogenic Dizziness Course in Wake Forest, NC and SAVE $100!   Sale ends tonight, 7/28/17, at midnight.

Each participants receives a 250 page manuscript written by the instructors!  With over 600 references, you will not find any other evidence-based approach as detailed and concise as this one!

Cervicogenic Dizziness, Cervical Vertigo, Concussion, Whiplash

Maximize your outcomes with your concussion, whiplash and dizzy patients!

Do you think dizziness is coming from the neck but unsure how to diagnose it correctly?

Are you sure that you are ruling out central and vascular disorders to be confident in treating the neck?

Learn how to diagnose Cervicogenic Dizziness through the Optimal Sequence Algorithm and the most evidence-based approach to management with the Physio Blend—only through ICC Seminars.


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