Are you having issues with patient adherence to HEP? MedBridge’s new application may be the next big solution. 

No matter the dialect, we have all heard this statement!

Everyone knows the importance of what is prescribed for patients outside of the clinic but we also all know the low adherence rate.  From personal experience, correlation with medication intake research and word of mouth from other clinicians, I would suggest adherence rate ranges around 30 percent.  I think this number is alarming on how effective what we prescribe as HEP can really be to help others maximize benefit from our in-session services.

Do you think the lack of compliance with your HEP is affecting your outcomes and results in your clinic?

I know for sure that the extent of adherence varies greatly amongst patients including their diagnosis and prognosis—with special attention at our various generations.  Honestly, I find the Traditionalists are the most adherence whilst Millennials and even Centennials have the worse compliance rate.  In my clinical opinion, the focus of our younger patients is the most challenging as paper handouts just don’t do the trick.

It could be the combination of morals, work ethic and simply lack of hustle, but needless to say, clinicians need to find savvy ways to make our HEP more appealing.

The MedBridge GO application does just this.

Just like the MedBridge online continuing education site, you will not be disappointed by the simple to use interface combined with eye pleasing visuals.  The application runs seamless allowing the patient to follow along with the specific HEP from the prescribing physical therapist just like a video.

It reminds me of the very common and popular exercise DVDs from Tony Horton and Shaun T —including repetition and set count, as well as a timer to make sure you hold each exercise for the correct amount of time.

The application can be easily downloaded to your patient’s phone for portable use to use at home or the office.  The therapist can create the personalized home program so the patient can follow along in the correct order, timing, frequency and duration to maximize results.  Additionally, the reminder option can cue your patient to perform exercises based off of your recommendation.

Nothing like positive reinforcement and goals to help your patients stay on track and consistent with rehabilitation through a difficult time in his or her life.


Could this application be the next phase to bring HEP up to speed with today’s generations?  It just may.

MedBridge is more than a continuing education company but also includes HEP and Patient Education Modules.  This application just came out so be sure to take a few minutes to review it yourself and see if it will improve the experience and outcomes for your patients.

For now, join to get hundreds of continuing education courses.  Use code inTOUCH for over 50% off on the annual subscription! Not a bad deal at all!




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