Not my usual type of post, but want to send out to my readers and pass on to others about a physical therapy job position opening at In Touch Therapy in Virginia.

This is a unique position in a small town seeing a mix of neuro, pediatrics, sports, chronic pain and other outpatient cases in a 1:1 environment under a remarkable team and fantastic mentorship in manual therapy (manipulation, dry needling, cupping, soft tissue mobilization, “Girdle” approach), therapeutic exercise, and how to gain therapeutic alliance and business mindset that has helped the clinic grow to 8 clinicians from just word of mouth—no ads.  It is NOT a run of the mill “get your patient in and out” type of clinic that you will see a bunch of theraband lying around and physio balls for all back pain.

I have been fortunate to be part of this team for 8 yrs and find it a fantastic opportunity for either new graduates or a clinician wishing to make a change from the hustle/bustle.  If you have enjoyed my posts over the years and thought-processes — this is exactly what you will get at the clinic.

If you or you know someone interested, feel free to pass on my email address –

Thanks everyone!




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