I have been fortunate over the years to have fantastic mentorship from clinicians, both in the clinic and through formal education.  It is even one of my “5 L’s—Lean” that I have written about in the past.  I find that mentorship, or apprenticeship, is a key component of clinical care that is lacking in our current clinical education system and even more when entry level DPT students graduate.  Granted, the residency and fellowship programs have blossomed over the years, but not everyone is at the financial or family state to go that route.

I continue to strive for more knowledge and gain insight from others, younger and older than I am.  I really enjoy continuing to mentor DPT students and current DPTs in my clinic.  It is a passion of mine and we both, as well as the patient, gain from this experience!

I know others outside my clinic seek out mentorship, either in their clinic or social medium. I  see cases written on the DPT student Facebook Page and other social mediums asking other professionals opinions on diagnostics and treatment options for difficult cases.  Therefore, I know it is a continued need in our profession.

I am now introducing an E-Mentorship Program that I am providing digitally.  It is something I have wanted to provide for awhile, but never got around to do it.  Here are the basics:

  • I plan to run it just like I would with a DPT student, entry-level clinician or fellow in training—-no gimmicks, not selling “an approach”, or formal lectures through powerpoint—but straight up clinical mentorship with cases that you are seeing right now.
  • My entire career so far has been in a rural environment treating chronic pain and spinal conditions.  No offense if you see mostly post-op (as I don’t…), so not interested in mentoring TKAs—but I specialize in the assessment and treatment of headaches, dizziness and all spinal conditions—-the ones that YOU will be the primary clinician for as not appropriate for surgery and want to get off of medications.
  • If you want lecture format and an 8 hour day course—go to a weekend con ed course.  This will be simple hustle and old school apprenticeship — just in a modern environment that is now available digitally compared to having to be in the clinic with you.

If you would like more information, visit my E-Mentorship Program page and/or contact me at harrisonvaughanpt@gmail.com or call at 919-728-0035



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