I want to share this video that was just released by the STAND Haiti Project, an organization in which I have written about in the past and fortunate enough in my short period to meet and get to know the organization’s prime move, physical therapist—Dr. Justin Dunaway.  This video WILL move you, no matter who you are and where/how you practice within the field of physical therapy or medicine.

It is a collection of fantastic footage of the organization’s trips to Haiti and I am proud—-no honored—to know several of the Fellows that you will see in the 14 minute film.  If you have the drive and opportunity in your life that matches your beliefs, capabilities and heart to volunteer—-that is allowed by your financial and family conditions—I strongly recommend this group.  I have not had the chance to attend due to aforementioned conditions but if interested in seeking out opportunities outside of the states—please do contact this group.

Best to all,



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