I wrote a 2 part series on treatment of a patient with Morton’s Neuroma back in the day in 2012.  Here is part 1 and part 2.

I recommend reading them first before proceeding.

Overall, a very cool case for a patient who received full relief in 3 visits & who did not respond at all to other medical management (imaging, injections, medications) prior to seeking my services.

She came back to me seeking my services again…but 3 years later!  There are not many patients who do not have an exacerbation of symptoms and/or need some type of booster session within 3 years.  We all know this is true and if you don’t see them again…more than likely the patient seeks services elsewhere!

Here is current story—She sought my services yesterday for same symptoms, that were exacerbated over the weekend while shopping two, long days in boots.  So here are some major bullet points that what I want to share with my readers and what my current interns and I spoke about after her evaluation:

  1. Her symptoms were much less severe this time in duration and intensity.  This is due to her seeking my services within 3 days—vs 4 weeks and going through medical model (injections, medications).
  2. I am impressed that she sought out our care again.  What led to this and a bottom line of anyone treating (own a business or not)—is that you have to get results.  She got great results her first time around —Getting results leads to current satisfaction and future referrals.
  3. She has an expectation—the taping helped tremendously the first time around.  You don’t have to throw all your tools at patients but nice to have a variety of techniques.  The patient can surprise you on what they perceive as beneficial and expectation can have huge implications.
  4. She did NOT have a consistent HEP and has not done anything in particular for 3 years.  Some cases just respond & not need specific exercise.
  5. Some say the passive care I gave 3 yrs ago will lead to dependency and not provide self-control of symptoms.  She hasn’t been dependent on any medical provider for 3 yrs and until she over-cooked it while shopping, she has been asymptomatic.
  6. This is a big win (for our office) but also for the physical therapy profession.  It shows the benefit of Direct Access (twice in 3 yrs) and less strain on the healthcare system.

Strive on guys.  Keep getting results and pump up the profession!

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