You can give a man a fish, or you can teach a man to fish. We do both.

This proverb has been my underlying principle during clinical care since introduced by my mentor at In Touch Therapy 7 years ago.  It has recently emerged again, this time, on the STAND (Sustainable Therapy and New Development): The Haiti Project’s website.


This is one reason (and there are many) that I back Dr. Justin Dunaway and his team with recent Kickstarter project to support a documentary that shows the benefit of healthcare and education for the citizens of Haiti.  This is not just another third world country trip to treat individuals for a week, but an effort to create sustainable educational and treatment centers for orthopedic rehabilitation services.

I have the pleasure of knowing Justin as a colleague, pupil, and friend during my fellowship training through AAMT this past year.  I can tell you…this man does not give up and is by far one of the most driven individuals to reach his goals.  He is devoted to improving pain and disability and has great vision for the future. The growth of STAND that I have seen indirectly over the past year is astounding.  I see big things happening with this group.

His team, several AAMT fellows & other healthcare professionals are going back to Haiti next month.  I will be excited to hear about their trip and hope to share it followers of this blog.

If you have a minute, please take a look at STAND’s website for more information about this organization and how to support.  Leave some questions in comment section below for public discussion, or if you’re active on twitter, follow STAND and Justin for more information.

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