The following post comes from Brandon Whittington (twitter / google plus), a soon to be graduate from Lynchburg College DPT program.  He has interned under me for the past 16 weeks, a real tech geek and wants to share the following information to the physical therapy world.

As a student physical therapist I like to stay involved with advocacy in the profession of physical therapy, however, sometimes (often) I find that things like emailing legislatures and keeping up with relevant topics and upcoming meetings gets overlooked.  Recently I came across this gem of an app below called the APTA Action app.  The application is featured on the APTA website and is available for Android and iOS devices for download.  This app really has made my ability to quickly keep up to date and take legislative action quickly and easily. I particularly like the Action Center feature, where you can take action as an APTA member or patient. The app does all the work, fills out the whole form and sends the email on your behalf with minimal work required for the user. I’m hoping for push notifications when new actions become available but for the time being, there is nothing like it to stay involved easily and quickly. Check it out, show your patients and spread the word!







Note from Harrison: Thanks for the post Brandon and great job! The limitations in getting involved with legislative action and advocacy within our field is barriers with time and access.  I am guilty as most of us are! I do think this application is concise and considering we all have phones, a quick and easy way to stay up to date.


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