There has been quite a bit going on in the field of Physical Therapy and great news from some of my personal colleagues that deserve recognition.

Dr. Justin Dunaway, a fellow fellow-in-training, recently started his own non-profit organization, STAND: the Haiti Project, to provide the citizens of Haiti with musculoskeletal healthcare and to eventually establish a permanent orthopedic rehabilitation through education of its residents.  His previous non-profit organization has already treated over 5500 patients and custom fabricated over 80 limbs!  Hopefully for a personal interview on my blog soon, but in the meantime, check out “Awesome PT’s” interview with Dr. Dunaway and follow STAND on twitter.

Dr. Ron Pavkovich, another fellow fellow-in-training, has his first publication out this month: The use of dry needling for a subject with acute onset of neck pain: a case report in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy.  Great job Dr. Pavkovich!  And, if you don’t know him and you think you have excuses, try having 5 children under the age of 2 with 3 twins born as soon as he started his Fellowship in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy!  I thought one was tough! This man is a rockstar while continuing to get great results as he has his own private practice!

I always promote the “6th vital sign” of gait speed as coined by Dr. Fritz as being an important factor in overall health, but now the ‘Sitting Rising Test’ can determine risk of mortality over the next 5 years.  Could this be the start of more research showing the importance of movement in overall healthcare?  Could this boast physical therapist’s ability to perform yearly screens?

2 of the 5 inaugural funds through Patient-Centered Outcomes Institute will be given to projects led by physical therapists.  This is huge news given that these two projects will receive almost $28 million in a high profile $64 million program.  BAM, get it Dr. Delitto and Dr. Duncan!

Dr. Andrew S. Rothschild, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT has recently started a new blog entitled, “Real PT Talk”.  He is a great guy and in the field to advance, including offering his mentorship services to 2 of my fellow fellows-in-training. He has two posts that have jived with some of my recent blogs.  This comes from a great clinician who has been through residency and fellowship trained programs….I recommend reading, “Selling of Physical Therapy” and “Separating from the pack”.

Any other great news? Send it my way and I’ll forward it!



  1. Harrison, thank you so much for the mention! It really means a lot. You are one of the reasons I wanted to get into blogging. I admire your willingness to address controversial issues in our profession and enjoy reading your challenging case studies. Keep up the good work!

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