I recently sought dental work from a new dentist.  Great service, low waiting time and yeh…I got this goodie bag for my first visit.

I felt like a kid again.  No lollipop, but it was full of items branded towards the dental industry; such as tooth paste, tooth brush, floss, and mouth wash.

I would imagine if you polled 100 people on what products would identify dentistry, I guarantee 95% of them would say one of the above items.  These can be considered the core, or brand of self-treatment and identify the profession’s vision.

Over the past several months, I’ve performed an informal poll on during subjective history on new evaluations basically asking them what they thought PT did? The answers varied tremendously but for the most part were these 3 responses:

– I don’t know at all, my doctor just sent me here.

– Y’all show people exercises.

– I heard great things of y’all through friends and family.  They said you could help me with my pain.

Notice the y’all contraction? Come to Virginia 🙂


Basically what I received from their responses is that our profession really doesn’t have much of a brand at all.  Is it because we are so broad as a field in what we treat?  Is it that we do not have quality sub-specializations?  I do think it is definitely improving in regards to our perception to the public, but we have a long ways to go.

Therefore my question to you, what items would be in a goodie bag for you to dispense to your first time patients?



    1. That’s pretty much what I had in mind. I don’t tend to prescribe theraband that much but definitely a part of most PT intervention.

      Could it be something more staple to ALL outpatient PT that can be provided?
      Or, should it be broken down into providing pamphlets on pain science for chronic pain?, or typical rehabilitation times and progression with a post RTC repair?

      Should the APTA be providing something?

      1. Not sure there could be a universal package bc we treat a such a wide variety of diagnoses. Some don’t have pain. Pamphlets for chronic pain for example would not be appropriate for a gait/fall prevention patient. Dentist is easier. Everyone needs help with oral hygiene. One thing our clinic may begin to initiate is using medbridge on tablets for pt education on common diagnoses. So they are leaving with a goodie but not necessarily a tangible item.

      2. Yeh it is tough with such a wide profession as ours. I don’t have an answer for my questions. I know APTA has the movement strategy now, so maybe that will take off. Thanks for the feedback John , always enjoy your comments.

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