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My current doctoral intern was applying for an entry-level job position when the following question arose:

How would you rate the following from highest to lowest priority?

– Documentation

– Client Loyalty

– Manual Therapy Expertise

– Customer Service

– Compliance

He and I spoke about this and we both agreed on customer service.  I have always felt that customer service should come first for any business; no matter if you are selling yourself in healthcare or a product as a salesperson.  I have always heard the saying that you will not be remembered by your clinical skills, but by your level of service.  The Likeability Factor and the fact that people want to do business with friends also goes along with my point.   I also feel that customer service cannot be taught per say (at least compared to other factors above), but is rather a characteristic that some individuals empower over others.

I could go on for days here, but I want to get your feedback. I honestly thought this is a great question!  Very difficult one though, not only for someone with experience but especially an individual looking for his first professional employment position.

I would like to get individual’s feedback to see what you think would be the highest priority at least?  And, if you have 5 years or more of experience, do you think you would have chosen this when you first graduated school or would it have been different back then?



  1. I agree Harrison…Customer Service first and foremost. Provide a great product and everything else will fall into place.

  2. Great question indeed! Although, I am only an aspiring physiotherapist, I would probably pick customer service just like you no matter when I have to answer this kind of question. Because I believe that this trait or characteristic comes before the other 4 and without it there is no interpersonal relationship. 2nd would probably be client loyalty and the other 3 left over are more Greg for me.

    P.S. Do you think it is good to get some experience as a kinesiologist before applying for physiotherapy masters program?


    1. Yes, I think customer service will yield positive results in any field. As far as a kinesiologist before PT school, I don’t think it is necessary but could separate you from the rest of the pack.

  3. One of the messages a professor of mine in PT school left us with at graduation was: “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

    Customer service through and through is foremost.

  4. Hello Harrison,

    I could not agree with you more. If our customer service is lacking, our customers or patients will look elsewhere for warmth. That will hinder our ability to grow as a company. And if the company isn’t expanding, no one within the organization is growing either. The satisfaction of our patients is our top priority. They help us keep our businesses afloat. Without their support, who are we to call ourselves, “healthcare providers” when our sole duties is to help others to the best of our abilities?

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