One of the biggest complaints that I hear from patients when they go to physician’s offices is the wait time.  We have all been there checking our watches and cautiously watching others make their way into back offices.  The Southern Living magazines and Sirius XM music is nice, but there is only a certain tolerance for wait time!

I have patients again and again tell me about their wait time at the physician’s office.  I know you’ll have heard the stories too.  I have had more than a handful of patients leave their current physician due to the wait time!  Even though the physician is “nice–the best around—highly recommended—gets results”…wait time can negatively impact your business.

Our office has had many compliments over the years on our time management skills, punctuality and promptness in starting a patient within a very reasonable time frame.  This is one, yet simple and highly effective way that we have had repeated customers over the years.

Just another way to IMPROVE.  Remember, if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse!

The question remains for you’ll, what wait time is appropriate? On time? 5 minutes? 10 minute? 20 minutes??

And if you are running behind, what are strategies that your clinic utilizes to keep the patient updated?



      1. Setting a standard! I like it. I know your patients appreciate hat their time can be just as important as the treatment.

  1. Giving reassurance and making them feel important is essential in maintaining great hospitality. Show that you care by offering little things that will matter to your patients. For example, offer water (if your facility has a dispensable fountain), magazines or books, a warm blanket while they wait, or even a simple direction to the restroom after they had checked in – Any little thing to make them feel like home.

    1. Good points Jonathan. As my mentor and boss says, “give in abundance”. Provide something that they will otherwise not expect.


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