You’re  probably clicking this just to see what the heck the title meant!  As I was at my parent’s home transferring some more of my old to my current home, I came across this.


YES, my mother kept my exercises, air cast and theraband from when I sprained my ankle 15 years ago.  NO, she is not a hoarder and believe it or not, the brace did not stink!


This injury, as common and simple as inversion sprains are, was my first experience (and only until volunteer hours/school) of physical therapy.

I do not remember a whole lot from this experience but I do remember being adherent with my HEP!  Tying that dern band around the foot of my bed was a ritual, but it helped and probably why I push for adherence and compliance with my program!

What is not included in this packet and the only part of actual therapy that I remember is the whirlpool treatment.    I don’t see a whole lot of ankle sprains where I work (and don’t have a whirlpool), but I certainly wouldn’t want to put a swollen ankle in a dependent, sweltering water bath.  It comes to show us that there are not typically bad interventions, but there are better ones.  We can see this through PFPS treatments from recent Jan 2014 article by Khayambashi et al.  Nevertheless, I survived and it was good rehab, I have no problems!

Oh and the wimpy part.  I will tell you it hurt and she sure was unsightly!


The touching part? Well, ankle sprains certainly aren’t a memorable story of physical therapy changing a life.  But, how small and shaken off as minute by many, it led me into this great field and I am hoping to continue to change lives daily.

Does anyone have any cool PT experiences that introduced you to the profession?  Or if not cool, wimpy at least? 🙂



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