Day two in the books and I think my body is finally getting to 3 hour difference from east coast time. Doesn’t it take 1 day for each hour to adjust? Or, maybe it it just that I haven’t been outside during the day since start of the conference 🙂 At least we are not in the heavy snow in Northeast!

I had the chance to mingle through the exhibition hall more today and was fortunate to talk to Clinicient (electronic medical records), VH Dissector (virtual 3-D anatomy tool for teaching), Sway Medical (postural sway balance application), and NxtGen Institute (educational opportunities such as residence and fellowships for physical therapists). I am just hoping to hear back that I won the treatment table! If you are interested in knowing any type of equipment, electronic medical records, educational opportunities, tools to help your patients in pain; check out the exhibit hall: the booths are endless and WAY too many to see in a few hours!





I won’t bore you with my poster presentation (email me if you want to know more!), but I did present today and had some great discussions with students, clinicians and experienced researchers/instructors. If you are a student, this is where you need to go.  The picture is only from one aisle of many packed with posters. Learn from others and see what clinicians/researchers are doing all over the country!

Be sure to follow all of the great posts in 140 characters or less at through #CSM2014. With the vast amount of classes and events, it is impossible to keep up with it all.



To end today’s post, I’ll leave you with words from Dennis Bush during his session on “The Magic of Service”. Everyone can learn from a speech as this one concerning customer service in physical therapy, not just ones in private practices. The following is paraphrased:

Customers seek more than just your skills such as manual therapy and appropriate therapeutic exercises. You can include more tactics and strategy to win over your patients and “create memorable moments”. Someone who was a top man at the Disney Corporation should know something about stellar customer service. The first 60 seconds of interaction is highly important. The following are 11 (first) impressions are elements that you should ask yourself and your employees/coworkers if they possess:

1. Clean person : freshly groomed, dress nicely
Clean place : clean = safe. Perception is reality
2. Attractive : jeans are a no-no. Your clothes be-get your behavior . Dress and appearance relate to professionalism
3. Credible : patients can form an opinion and judge without knowing facts. What are you doing to differentiate yourself?
4. Knowledgable : know your services, know the competition, know how to cross sell (products), know your customers (keep personal notes–really important!), know current events (read papers to converse with the patients)
5. Responsive : anticipate your patient needs. I.e having toys in room for patients with kids, bring cup of water, etc
6. Friendly : 1. be friendly on the phone! Tone of voice applies. 2. Smile and more smiles. 3. Introduce yourself at every visit my typical greeting is ‘good morning/afternoon, how are you today?’ 4. Use formal Mr or Mrs with patients last name—once patient says you don’t have to call me Mr. or Mrs., then you have your way in and made the connection. 5 Manage up your patient with staff (such as introducing the PTA or tech). Talk highly of your coworkers. 6. Make face contact, not eye contact. 7. Appropriate touch : sense of touch affects relationships. Touch is an important as sight and vision. Human touch is the quickest way to create long lasting relationships.
7. Helpful : you must ask the right question. start with closed ended question, then go open ended. I.e do you have pain?, then where is your pain? Then end the session with, Did I answer all of your questions? The instructor says his favorite question is, ‘ Mr . , please describe to me any FEARS that you may have about your upcoming treatments?’
8. Empathetic : compassion.
9. Courteous : attitude, wholesome values. Chick Fil A says, my pleasure if you thank them
10. Confident. : not cocky.
11. Professional : speaks for itself


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