In the midst of bright lights,  appealing slot machine sounds, a full schedule, countless shows and pure oxygen pumping into my lungs; I will try to blog daily from the Combined Sections Meeting in Las Vegas starting next Tuesday through Thursday, 2/4-6/14.

If you are not going to make it to CSM this year, and why not, its in Vegas!, you can follow along with the action through:

My Blog – Subscribe to emails through Widget on your right


  • This will be your best bet for continuous action as I probably will not write a post but once/day through email
  • Follow me through this link
  • Get more information from the APTA through @APTAcsm
  • Be sure to search for #CSM2014 and #CSMTwitterPanel
  • Or, follow any other PT that you know who will be at the event


If you ARE going and read the blog, maybe we can meet up sometime while in Vegas.  Just message me on twitter/facebook.

This is my first time blogging an event so bear with me.  My mind may be off as I am excited that I could win a Viper 🙂





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