As physical therapists, one of the most commonly used educational strategies in order to improve musculoskeletal conditions is to avoid aggravating activities.  Possibly we can use AAA for short, not to mistake it for help when your tire blows.  It is really a simple intervention….avoid repetition says the physical therapist everyday.  Or even more straightforward, we may just try to changing lifestyles.

Repetitive injury is a prime cause of suffering and not just limited to golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, or even Ipad elbow.  Flipping through Twitter and Facebook feeds are addicting, I swear, but my extensor carpi radialis longus and brevis pay for it.  It can also be a prime cause of low back pain, especially subgroups who have a postural backache, are flexion-intolerant and respond to directional preference of extension.

And from this article, the ones who response to extension would be 70%…a very high percentage.  And considering 86% of Americans sit for their job and this article showed that sitting for more than half the workday is a risk factor for low back pain, your patients may not be getting better just because of one simple educational intervention: Avoid repetition.

One humungous barrier we all run into when educating about changing positions and standing more—which I paraphrase, “I can’t because my work is at my desk, and I have to do my work”.  I am sure you have heard something similar. PATIENTS know prolonged sitting is bad, and so do WE.  Even though this recent systematic review showed that dynamic sitting as a stand-alone approach is not effective for LBP management, the combination of changing positions/standing more in addition to our other treatments should be effective.  It may be the missing link in why reoccurrence or lack of full recovery occurs with these type of patients.  The research is out there, we just aren’t making a practical approach and treatment for thousands.  We are still stuck on pelvic tilts twice/day for 30 reps.

I am the healthcare representative for the Xtension Desk.  I’m open and honest about it, not hidden behind doors for promoting a product.  Aren’t all scouts supposed to be?  My intention is to get the word out to physical therapists (first because I am one!…and know we should be the leaders in musculoskeletal care) and then other healthcare practitioners (massage therapists, chiropractors, etc) if PTs don’t jump on board…to get the Xtension Desk out as a product.

It is a product that if you believe in, you can become part of, and not only help yourself, but help your patients.  Don’t your patients normally buy your theraband, foam rolls, inserts because they trust you as their practitioner …and not necessarily a generalized product on Amazon because it is free shipping?  That’s my experience.

“The best posture is the next posture”.  Email me personally if you want more information:

stand up desk : Xtension Desk


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