I would like to announce the conclusion of a ‘systematic review’ of goniometer applications that physical therapists can use as data if you are interested in tossing the traditional goniometer for your smartphone as a clinical tool.

I worked with Dr. Dan Rhon of The Medical App Journal on this project, which was exhausting (yes, I admit!) but rewarding!  There are great designers out there that try to turn a simple device that every physical therapist has used into an interactive digital application on your phone.  I was quite impressed with the multiple ways that you can measure a joint: from taking a picture of the patient and use landmarks to line up markers to create an angle to simply placing the device on the distal bone from the joint to measure in real-time.

I have written small posts here and here in the past while the work was in progress.

I recommend reading the final review, which was placed on the Medical App Journal’s site in September here for a complete introduction, literature review for reliability and validity of smartphone goniometers (yes, there is research), and an interactive table as shown in picture below of the final results.  My table below is only a picture, but if you go to the original article here, you can click on each goniometer app review.



Keep in mind that there are other reviews too on the Medical App Journal’s site for joint-specific applications.  These were not included in the ‘systematic review’ due to the inclusion of only one joint.  Click below for the reviews:




Do you have any of these applications? If so, what do think of the reviews?

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