Perfect timing for this survey. This week, AAOMPT conference 2013 commences with the subject matter on:

Incorporating evidence-based practice has been a hot topic for the last two decades (since basically 1992) and the more I teach interns, the more I see the continued push for evidence from the academic setting.  This by all means is not a bad thing. I try to incorporate as much of it in my practice setting, but we always need to be aware that relevant research is only 33.3% of the entire interdisciplinary approach.   See figure below:

You speak to a seasoned therapist and he/she will argue the point of “clinical expertise”, compared to a novice student arguing “best available research”.  I do not know if the complete ends of the spectrum will ever get along, but I would like to ask the internet / social world this question:

If you could choose ONE, which of the following principles of evidence-based practice BEST defines your clinical decision making (if you can, comment below for your reasoning and other discussion points too)



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