As I prepare for a class in a few weeks on Cervical Artery Dysfunction (rather than just VBI), I am delving further into the research behind using a pre-manipulative hold prior to OMT to the cervical spine.  I would like to get feedback from readers of this blog (and others, so share!) to get an attitudinal survey of clinicians.

For a recap, the pre-manipulative hold test (cervical rotation test) is performed passively by a clinician to full end-range rotation, either sitting or supine.  The clinician is then to hold the positive for 10-15 seconds, back to mid-line for 30 seconds (for latent effects) and then test the contralateral side.  The test is performed with care and clinician continuously assesses for signs and symptoms.


It would also be beneficial to leave a quick reason behind your choice.  You can either do that in the survey section or down in comment section below.  Thanks!

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