The workspace literally hasn’t changed since cubicles came into the picture over 30 years ago.  Physical therapists need to be front runners in the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries from the prolonged effects of desk sitting.  Our field is lucky that we are able to move with our patients and not be stagnant during the day.  Think about how awful you feel when you for a 3 day weekend course and have to SIT the entire time…then do this 5 days a week for 30 years.

If we do not promote a workspace that moves with you, some other profession will (hopefully not kinesiotherapists…who are they by the way?).




Check out a recent article here in Advance Magazine for PTs by Craig Dye, the Founder and CEO of the Xtension Desk,  and myself discussing the impairments associated with prolonged sitting and promoting a more active lifestyle while you get your work done!

Remember, the best posture is the next posture. You can find the article on page 22.


stand up desk : Xtension Desk




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