Xtension Desk
Xtension Desk

The computer station will not leave our workplace anytime soon and if anything, will become more and more part of society.  As physical therapists, we are quite lucky that our job combines sitting, standing, squatting, exercising (such as performing planks with our athletes or repeated back bends for our back patients!).  Pretty much, we are not usually sedentary and actually are able to get into multiple positions during the day, which I find is very beneficial to a healthy lifestyle.

My own (but not adjustable) stand-up desk

My own (but not adjustable) stand-up desk.

However, 50-70% of Americans sit during the day for their job.  Then, they have a commute home and then sit on the couch.  Too much sitting!  We all recommend good postures, microbreaks and simply to be active during the day (or at least after work), but during a 8-10 hour day most individuals just are not able to do this and get their work done.  A limiting factor that I have come across in educating patients is that they can’t stand during the day because of their work!  They just simply will not get anything done at their desk.

The ill effects of sitting all day is not just musculoskeletal, even though this is mostly what we see.  Studies are showing a 54% increase in heart attack chance if you sit all day versus individuals who not sit more than 3 hours.  A recent Australian study even showed if you sit for more than 11 hours a day, you are more likely to die within three years compared to someone who sits 4 hours or less.  This is getting serious and not just due to weight gain and painful spines.

Now I don’t normally promote any products but I know I want to be a part of creating a more healthier society.  Also, I want a better solution than simply educating patients to make adjustments in posture every 15 minutes; which you and I know help but do not give you the results you want. If you are a physical therapist, chiropractor, any healthcare professional or just a consumer, I do recommend checking out the XTensionDesk.  Be part of a movement, a movement in the right direction.  I like this product due to its business plan, but most of all due to its ability to adjust very easily to change positions during the day (the design is great with no cranks as seen in other products).

Take a few minutes and check out www.xtensiondesk.com; it’ll be worth your time.


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