A really cool Ted Talks speech about using new technology (accelerometers, etc) and assisting in the sensation of touch. You can access it here

I think this could definitely be used in physical therapy under many realms, one which the speaker mentioned during neurological rehabilitation. I am in the orthopedic field so wonder if it will assist in teaching students different grades of joint mobilizations, the amount of ‘pressure’ a professor uses vs a student when performing techniques, or pinpointing how a specialist palpates myofascial trigger points and overall improving the palpatory exam. My latest knowledge on picking out myofascial trigger points (in the upper trap…a common location) is that we can find them, but do not agree on where in the muscle it is. This may assist in using trigger point releases, dry needling or other techniques with improved efficiency.

Touch is very powerful. It is one sensation that our profession should have an upside comparable to other professions (similar to massage therapists, chiropractors) but we have the leadership and knowledge outlook to putting this technology to research. I hope you enjoy it.


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