This week is all about “the two’s” it seems.

Dr. Erson Religioso III has been busy this week with new websites to facilitate pushing the physical therapy profession. He is definitely making things happen and must have a spring in his step as the weather changes!

The first site is called Physio Pics. He is motivated by a past post of mine here that showed the lack of what physical therapy really is through google images (which receives millions of hits!). We need to change our “image” many ways, but through pictures is a great start. I ask all of my volunteers who come in what they have heard about physical therapy, what physical therapy is, etc.; and guess what I get 90%+ of the time, ‘stretching’. Ugh, we are more than stretching! This site should definitely help and if you want to participate, email him at to be a advocate of change! Check out the initial page here and contact him to be a member.

Also, instead of posting ‘quick links’ twice a week to push content from other physical therapy sites, the OMPT Daily has been created. Check it out here for updated information all the time. Does this guy sleep?!

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