Matt Phillips has a great column herethat does have more questions than answers, but insightful thinking. I do not work with a running population so do not have to deal with the whole pronation/supination argument much, but I agree with Matt; where is the evidence that pronation is so bad?

A new article hereby Villafane et al, ‘Radial nerve mobilisation had bilateral sensory effects in people with thumb carpometacarpal osteoarthritis: a randomised trial’ was just published in Journal of Physiotherapy. The conclusions indicate a hypoalgesic effect from radial nerve gliding on both sides of the body even if radial neuro dynamics was only performed on symptomatic side. I haven’t found this to be very successful in my treatment interventions (no more than MWM, mobs, trigger point release of dorsal interrosei, adductor pollicis, etc) but could be another avenue if you are not seeing results or if patient has too much pain to even move the affected thumb.

If you are looking for a PT app, check out Physiopedia’s page here. Try do a nice job of listing several options based on domains such as anatomy, treatment, assessment, etc. if you know of any others, write below or feel free to add it to their page!



  1. I find neurodynamics very effective at treating what appear to be chronic tendinopathies. It’s just another way to get someone to end range, albeit biasing different peripheral tissues. I mainly give them as HEP, but treat the entire neural container using IASTM with the EDGE.

    1. Thanks for the response Dr. E ! I’m still in the baby stages of applying neuro dynamics for my pts but do agree, it works in most regards (especially peroneal tendinopathy). Difficult for me to say ot works well with Straight up CMC OA, but if that pathology is true…then it’s not usually a quick fix anyway.

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