I want to thank Ryan Franco from FindTheBest website for sharing with me a page to assist prospective students in finding a physical therapy school that best fits them. This is definitely a resourceful website to share with your colleagues (PTAs, techs, etc) and even volunteers who are observing you to determine if physical therapy is a profession he/she would like. The following is provided by Ryan:

Today we want to show off a new tool via FindTheBest that can help students who are considering pursuing a career in Physical Therapy research their options. Their mission is to grab all the unorganized data out there, strip it of it’s marketing content, and display it in a consumer friendly format to make research and decisions easier. They have recently built up a Comprehensive Physical Therapy Schools comparison in hopes to streamline the research process of finding Physical Therapy programs that work best for you. The comparison is easily filterable by their Innovative Smart Rank, location, 1st try license exam pass rate, tuition, average GPA, and more.
Furthermore, the comparison has some neat features like comparing programs side by side when you’ve reached the final steps of your decision process. So whether or not you are excited to apply or you’ve been on the fence, their free comparison tool can help out to make the application process that much more efficient.
I will say to potential future physical therapists, do not look at just the rank. My alma mater, Old Dominion University is #420 of 478 schools listed on this site. It is ranked on another site here as #57 based on 2008 U.S. News & Report. Definitely not a true representation of the education provided! I would contact the school directly if this is a concern, as the rankings change every year.
From personal experience, I know the cost of the education (because in the end its about you, not the school!), the type of teachers (ones who are dedicated to teaching and not just researchers), as well as the student to faculty ratio (the lower the better) was high up on my list. Consult with a local physical therapist nearest you if you have more questions.

**I want to thank Jordan Garcia from the Georgia State University for providing me this link from the Federal Boards of Physical Therapy to get more information on passing rates:
You can access it here


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