For those physical therapists who are not a part of social media, you may not have heard yet of the recent bill authored by Senator Yeland Lee of California.  You can access the senate bill here, or I have copied the main passage below:

This bill would prohibit a health care practitioner from
performing a joint manipulation or joint adjustment, as defined,
unless he or she is a licensed chiropractor, physician and surgeon,
or osteopathic physician and surgeon. The bill would provide that a
health care practitioner who performs a joint manipulation or joint
adjustment in violation of these provisions engages in the unlawful
practice of chiropractic, which shall constitute, among other things,
good cause for the revocation or suspension of the health care
practitioner's license, as specified.


In short, this bill is proposing to prohibit physical therapists from performing spinal manipulation (and only allow it from chiropractors, medical doctors and osteopaths).  He is claiming that manipulation and adjustment are synonymous terms, which we know is absolutely not true.

This is an outcry, especially since James Dunning, PT, DPT just won in the high court that physical therapists can perform spinal manipulation just this past year.  Even if you do not perform spinal manipulation, this will change the scope of practice for us and could be very detrimental to our growth.  We are the ones doing the research on the effects of manipulation, as shown in a past post here, so why limit us?!  This is not just about physical therapists, but a disservice to patients.

Since many great therapists and advocates have already done the leg work, the following are several links that you can access to learn more about this bill, and more importantly, what you can do about it!  Print this off, print off the bill and even the links below. Share it with your colleagues and fax it this week.

If anyone else has more documents, please share in the comments section below.


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