Just saw a new fad of exercising in high heels on GMA this morning.  Pretty sure exercising in high heels is not a good thing!  Get ready to treat ankle sprains…check out Bboy Science here for a complete recovery guide to treating ankle sprains.


Good blog over at the New York Times Health Blog here about doctors being cost conscious about health care costs and if patients are on the same page.  Simply, no.  When it came to the patient’s health, patients did not want cost to be a component in decision making.  If I was on the other side of the room as I usually say in my treatment, I would definitely want to be treated without cost being a factor too.

The biggest feud I get is that patients arrive saying they will ‘try’ physical therapy first due to back pain because the doctor told them too prior to getting an MRI.  I have a whole spill that there are many false positives to MRIs for MSK injuries, especially low back pain; which can lead to unnecessary treatments.  I find providing this video here titled, “Wrinkles on the Inside” from EIM’s website is a great resource! It seems to get the point I want across much quicker for my patients.  They tend to say, ‘ahh okay I understand now’ or ‘that was interesting, I didn’t that'(even though I just told them!).


And finally thanks to my readers and other bloggers in the physical therapy, rehabilitation and health field out there who nominated and voted for In Touch Physical Therapy Blog for Blog Awards through Therapydia.  I am privileged to win the “Best Clinic Blog” as there are extremely good blogs out there that leave this one in the dust!  It motivates me to write more and continue to share and learn with others all over the world.  Thank you.




  1. Harry, I definitely agree with you on the MRI component for treating LBP. Charles Hagle, PT Phd has a great con-ed course for differential Dx that explains diagnostic imaging of the spine in high detail. He readily agrees with exactly what you’re saying about false negatives on MRI leading to unnecesary treatment. He goes a step further and even says it can further disable the patient if they think something is wrong with them because it has been “confirmed” on imaging!

    Congratulations on your best blog award, I’ll still be reading. Great blog!

    Shawn Rosengrant, DPT

    1. Hey Shawn!
      Good to hear from ya man. We were just talking about you the other day with Eric…”this is standard” haha!
      Thanks for reading and the fellow who teaches diff dx Charles Hagle. I’ll have to check him out.

      See ya,

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