A great interview of Chris Johnson over at Jarod Carter’s Website concerning how blogging has helped his practice.  If you have a clinic blog, you are definitely on track to getting more traffic to your site; and usually lends to more patients.  How often do you actually update your website?  Not very often but a blog is a great input to your site that is updated often and therefore, is higher on search engines.

John Snyder has written great articles lately over at the Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Blog.  What great insight from a DPT student!  I can imagine the content improving even more once he starts practicing.  Keep it up John, I know its hard work and takes up time; but an inspiration for all!


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  1. Great stuff! I’m finishing up physical therapy school soon (just finished my last class yesterday, 1 more clinic to go then boards) and I’ve been blogging furiously for the past few years. I think it’s an excellent way to enhance your learning experience, keep up to date with new research and what other experts in the field are doing as well as most importantly, helping others. Bravo John! Thanks for the article Harrison.

    1. Hey Dan,
      You’re absolutely right about blogging. I have learned a tremendous amount not just from me going to look up things, but reading others too. Thanks for reading and good luck with your boards!

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