Dr. Oz is at it again.  This time its cutting-edge treatments for low back pain.  Granted he finally did get a PT on the show (better than just chiropractors!), but really, ultrasound?  I would have hopped on the inversion table bandwagon before this modality.  I thought we were over modalities by now, especially ultrasound?  We do need to keep in mind this is TV but very popular and I’m sure a patient will ask you about it soon. See the segment for yourself here.

Has anyone recommended any of these stress reliever apps to their patients (see USA article here on 8 apps to de-stress)?  I’m always in to trying to find improved self-adherence to de-stressing maneuvers and diaphragmatic breathing in particular.



    1. Hey Stephen,
      Thanks man. Yeh I was able to transfer that thru twitter and Facebook. It sure why I didn’t see it initially on APTA website this morning..?

      Hope you’re doing well man!

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