Sometimes it is just not feasible to make it to conferences or all the continuing education courses which I would like to attend.  Also, reading books with outdated data is just not my forte.  Therefore, I go to the web! There are numerous ways to educate yourself online on a consistent basis in your own time.  It is amazing what you can find online but need to be cautious as not all information is accurate.  In no particular order, here is a list of great educational avenues online.


Therapydia Physical Therapy Community has segments of PT TV in which experts speak about their chosen specialized topic.  I really enjoyed watching the recent discussion on manual therapy, as well as ITB syndrome moderated by Alexandra Scioli.  I hopefully will find the time to see all the archived videos in the next month or so.  You can check out my thoughts on the Future of Manual Therapy here.


David Pope does an excellent job interviewing internationally known specialists!  I really enjoy these podcasts as I can listen to them in the car or out exercising.  Definitely worth a visit to this site as I know you will find a topic that interests you.

Mike Reinold’s Inner Circle

Mike Reinold has definitely got to be the most known and respected blogger in physical therapy worldwide and a specialist in treating shoulder and knee disorders.  For only $5 a month, you can learn from the best in the comfort of you home.  You will have access to his webinars, Q&A on facebook and availability of research articles.

Erson Religioso III OMPT Channel

Erson Religioso has blossomed onto the social field in the past 1.5 years and definitely is the most visited manual physical therapy site on the web.  It is no surprise of his success due to the immense knowledge he possesses on various interventions (soft tissue, manipulation/mobilization, MDT, neurodynamics, patient education, etc). For $4.99 a month, you too can learn an eclectic approach to treating.

I am sure these are just the tip of the iceberg in online education.  Have any other suggestions?


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