I’ll be honest, I’m a little nerdy when it comes to reading editorials.  Maybe because the length is short, conversation piece with colleagues, or just simply a concise column.  Either way, most are free through journals so I recommend you checking them out.

Since I have been practicing, Dr. Chad Cook has been the editor in chief of JMMT (Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy) and I’ve really enjoyed reading his work over the years.  I even wrote a piece on my site 2 years ago citing a past editorial of his and have made several references to this journal over the years.

His final editorial, entitled “Physical Therapist’s Drive Thrust-Manipulation Research” (you can access free here). is an impressive finale and hits home a lot of professional issues that I agree with in terms of our future.  His main points are that thrust manipulation is safe, inexpensive and has been used internationally for years and translating now into guidelines for us to use now in clinical practice.  It really is a no brainer and if used appropriately (through one of our highest qualities as physical therapists in clinical reasoning), it can be a pivotal tool in helping our patients.

Another big point he denotes is that we, physical therapists, are the ones driving this research!  If we are the ones in the driver’s seat in worldwide readership in literature, why not put it into practice?  I even wrote a piece on this on this site too back in April 2012 showing increased thrust manipulation research in our field (I simply used JOSPT as the journal of choice in this low level research project).  Maybe that led him to writing this? (probably not!).

I do not want to get too lengthy on this post, so read for yourself and let me know your comments below.

I’m looking forward to the reigns being passed on to Daniel Vaughn (great last name by the way…even if spelled differently!).  I think our profession has musculoskeletal care in full throttle and excited to see where we go from here.

Linking back to past articles really has made it surreal that this blog has been running for this long now! I want to thank all the readers for support and comments to drive me to write more!  The collaboration with PTs all over the world and communication has been amazing.  Looking forward to 2013 and beyond.


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