I recently had the opportunity to speak with a representative from a traveling physical therapy company, Advanced Medical, about the importance of mentorship with new graduates.  If you are a student or new graduate looking to travel (which I think is great!), but afraid of missing out on the importance of mentorship early in your career, I hope the following post helps.  You can also find this information on their new graduate program site here.

One of the major setback that kept me from being a traveling physical therapist is the lack of a consistent mentor and colleague.  I find this to be a priceless aspect to any therapist, but especially a new graduate.  One of the reasons I took my job is that I would work under and train with a successful clinician who had over ten years of experience.  I was able to develop my skills quicker and journey through a treatment approach that would provide quick and long-lasting results.  In short, I did not have to spend years on my own to learn from mistakes that others have made clinically, but had a smoother transition to patient care.  We all know experience is a highly valued characteristic of any practitioner.

This age of worldwide collaboration through social media and blogging narrows this barrier to a minimum now.  An internet connection and aspiration for learning is all you need as a traveling physical therapist to be part of our evolving profession.  You can learn manual techniques through pictures and video, educate yourself on the up and coming pain science knowledge, and stay on top of research through online allies in physical therapy.
I recommend to start interacting with professionals through Twitter, Facebook and Blogs.  You can read and learn on your own time, and even better, its free!  A list of great sites can be found on my site, as well as through Physiopedia (  Be hungry for knowledge!  Connect, Collaborate and Communicate!
If there are any readers out there who have traveled and would like to provide your input, I would love to hear it!

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