A colleague shared a link with me several weeks back showing top journals, and more specifically within the realm of physical therapy. Worth the share out to readers. You can find the link here to see what journal you follow and it’s impact factor.

On the other side of the coin, I ran across this post explaining why a prestigious journal (in this case New England Journal of Medicine) may not guarantee something is true.

Needless to say, you need to be able to critique research. That’s the science behind our art of treatment. Having your argument from a well recognized journal helps! Next time you go to a course and they present research behind their approach….good to look for RCTs but the actual journal too.

Are the journals you follow, or better yet, use as your basis for EBP, top 10?


  1. Fantastic post, I had never seen that ranking of journals nor that website. Very useful!!

    I have blogged about this topic before citing a few articles:


    In the post I discuss where we should select our journal content and why.

    One article I summarize investigated which journals published the most clinical trials in PT, which journals had the highest impact factor, and which journals published the best quality trials (ranked via PEDRo score).

    The results are discussed in the blog post. But, the big takeways for me where:
    1. Many trials are NOT published in PT journals
    2. Journals with highest impact factors do NOT necessarily have the best trials
    3. Journals that publish the MOST trials do not necessarily publish the BEST quality

    So, in the end we MUST read outside our profession specific journals. Now, remember the data in that manuscript above was looking at CLINICAL TRIALS only. Case series, master class manuscripts, and editorials are all very important as well.

    An interesting and important topic. Just like cognitive biases can affect our clinical judgement, reading too narrowly within the literature can do the same.

    Kyle Ridgeway, DPT

    1. Kyle,
      Thanks for your reply! I hadn’t seen your post before but definitely very thorough…thought you would have had more comments!

      I can’t take the credit on finding this site….it came from Dr. Siyufy from Radford University who sent to me and a Colleague as we are putting together a RCT.

      Quite interesting though and definitely takes you above your typical pyramid of evidence levels. A good argument to make if you go to a course and this guru says he has published data but it is in a no name journal…

      I think I read once front of Dr. cook’s editorials that there are 35000 articles written a year in medicine and/or rehab related content! No way to keep up with everything so need to narrow it down somehow.

      All the best,

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