On my recent trip to Chicago, I saw this on outside of NorthFace store.


Zoomed in shot

This is a big loss in my opinion, especially since I feel we will become the leaders in spinal care within a decade and NorthFace is a very popular brand that individuals of all ages shop.  We need to step up and got to move away from endorsing TheraBand…blah thats boring.



  1. Wow. Another missed golden opportunity! Who to blame? APTA or ourselves? Fact is we are so behind in marketing our profession its pathetic. I believe that most if not all Chiro schools have marketing classes that help them excel as a unit after graduation. I think we should adopt the importatnce of marketing within our programs. I believe our biggest blessing is that we are great at a spectrum of fields which may also be our biggest curse. The public still has no idea what we are capable of. Unfortunatley when most people think spine/back they think chiro. Now this northface campaign will further brainwash that conception.

  2. I am not sure this is a missed opportunity at all.
    First, what is the cost of endorsing this product?
    Second, what message are we sending society and patients by endorsing this product? Is this back pack superior to the rest? Does it prevent “injury” or “pain” (unlikely).

    I think this is more illustrative of how the chiro profession will do anything, literally anything, to increase their clout publicly and legislatively.

    Do you see the American Medical Association endorsing consumer products?

    1. Quick to dismiss it as an opportunity because of unknown cost. Great. I dont see any claims (although the picture is not completely clear) that it is the best, reduces pain, or is a prophylactic device but it does claim to have “technology”. Yes marketing does have its costs and perhaps more with a trusted brand like northface. I guess since the ACA has endorsed, we can hope that the back pack has a million recalls due to faulty straps or a weak bottom that resulted in injury. Because if not the young people who use these bags may actually go to the chiro before a PT when they get that first episode of LBP. Also prior to 1997, the A.M.A. did accept royalty payments from Sunbeam for endorsement, which were estimated to be worth millions of dollars.

      1. @ John and Kyle,
        You both make very good points. Thanks for commenting and sharing your perspective. I don’t think we necessarily need to go out and endorse all types of products, but we do need to get our name out there. Honestly, my parents don’t even know what I do! (they may think I rehab stroke patients and people who have had surgery). There is a void in the public eye on us. I don’t think we will ever become the musculoskeletal specialists if we just play defense and fault the chiropractic profession in their driven ways.

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