A colleague of mine recently showed me a website for DCs to get certified in manipulating the spine while the patient is under anesthesia.  Go to the link here.

Out front, this is disturbing.  It goes against the entire signs/symptoms approach and assess/re-assess model that I go by throughout treatment.  The patient is in ‘twilight anesthesia’ (whatever that is) so safer.  This is like having a buzz and go driving.

Granted I have not had a patient come to me who has had this procedure (may or may not have had good results), but I would suggest this has very high risks and looking at the site, very high costs.

Have you seen this or encountered anyone who has gone through this procedure? What are your thoughts?



  1. Unbelievable. If I wasn’t cramming for a Musculoskeletal PT final exam right now, I would have loved to rant about how disturbing I found that website to be. Interested to hear what practicing PT’s, especially those specialized in safe, precise, evidence-based manual techniques have to say, though.
    I really enjoy following your blog. This entry may have been captivating in a car crash sort of way, but thanks for sharing!

    1. Nicholas,
      Thanks for responding! I too would like to hear from others as well. I appreciate you following the blog and best of luck without studies. You seem to be ahead of the game already by reading and learning outside your usual workload.
      Best, hv

  2. Wow, that IS disturbing. However, I think we have all been frustrated by patients that we know would benefit from a certain ROM/mob/manip but we are limited by what we can do by their extreme guarding and/or fear of movement. Interesting topic for discussion.

    1. Joe,
      Yeh I didn’t catch it on your site last year. Just saw the video…I agree man. I hope we don’t go to the dark side 🙂

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