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University of Virginia (my state!) students have created a prototype for a modular plastic cast to help in rehab s/p fractures.  It is called Puzzlecast and works by clinician removing pieces as areas of the bone heals.  It will theoretically help in speeding recovery by allowing movement where appropriate.  Will also lower need for as much physical therapy. Check out an article here.

If you haven’t heard of Physiopedia yet, then you may be living under a rock!  A great site with a plethora of information.  I recently came across the “Manual Therapy and Exercise for Neck Pain: Clinical Treatment Tool-Kit“.   It is quite overwhelming in information but a good resource nevertheless.  I can’t imagine how long it took for the authors to put this together! If you want to be evidenced-based, or at least evidenced-informed in your cervical treatments; you need to check out this page.


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