What will the new you tell the old you? I’m speaking in regards to your clinical practice, not the rest of life.  I will begin.

I feel I am fortunate to start my career learning under a mentor with skills in manipulation and overall manual physical therapy.  I learned how to get great results with the use of my hands.  I feel this is a skill that no one can take away from me and I’ll use it the rest of my career.  However, I know there is more to get great results.

I have definitely been gazing more from a distance lately than an up-close manual approach.  Don’t get me wrong, I still use the passive techniques as they get great results but I am looking for more longer term carry-over with a home program.  I am using the basic observation and inspection to address faulty movement patterns and aberrant motions.  I want to find what I can do more to help the patient in the other 166 hours in a week other than the 2 they spend with me.  It is about corrective actions from an education standpoint, from a musculoskeletal specialist in movement science.  It honestly gives me better results than exercises performed twice/day and lends more longer term self-care. 

I use my experience with arthrokinematics and biomechanics to connect the dots to ‘see’ these patterns.  I don’t think you necessarily need a scale or courses to get you there, just use your physical therapist lens to focus.  

I will have an example of this approach next week but in the meantime, I will like to hear from the blogosphere about what paths they have taken and changes you have made in your personal clinical practice to get results. 


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