Slate always puts out very witty and interesting articles.  Here is a good one entitled, “Quest for the Perfect Office Chair”.  My opinion is there is no great ergonomic chair.  We weren’t made to sit for 8 hours.  Choose one that has the ambience that you want and is comfortable.  But, most of all, take micro-breaks every 20-30 minutes during the day by standing to talk on the phone, reading documents, etc.  You need to find that balance to reduce the flexion intolerant position. 

Craig Libenson, DC has a new post on Pr. Stuart McGill Resources.  Low Back Disorders by McGill has actually been the most used book I have purchased since graduating (I normally get all my continuing education online!, so well worth the money). He links out a multitude of articles and videos from McGill in this article too.  I love the low back myth component. Great blog by the way to follow!



    1. I would say that number may be right on, at least in simple low back but maybe not necessarily chronic.

  1. I have had some patients build up their ability to tolerate sitting on a swiss ball at work at their home office. It forces them to engage core muscules and posture. Might be worth a try?

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