‘By The Numbers’ is a new, weekly briefing of percentages, stats, and other numeral research findings in physical therapy literature.  Hope you enjoy and as always, would love to hear your comments!

10.4% of adverse events from cervical spine manipulations were found to be unpreventable by recent (2012) narrative review of 134 case reports by Puentedura et al. in JMMT (subscription required).  Basically, this means that 1 in 10 patients could have an adverse effect from cervical spine manipulation even after a thorough examination, proper clinical reasoning and skilled judgement call to show that performing this technique is an appropriate approach.  Seems pretty high doesn’t it?  



    1. @ Sully,
      It was defined in the study as, “the sequelae following a cervical spine manipulation that are medium to long term in duration, with moderate to severe symptoms, and of a nature that was serious, distressing, and unacceptable to the patient and required further treatment”.

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