Today’s good reads are under the realm of screen time.  Google this term and you will find a plethora of information, including an article of screen time being higher than ever in children. We all know that sustained postures in front of a computer, but now an iPad or other tablet/phone will create spinal, elbow, wrist/hand pain.  Should physical therapists intervene further with prevention as I know from a predominantly spine therapist standpoint that I will be busy the rest of my life 🙂

Interesting results from Slate under the title, “Are video games making kids fat?”.  Quite interesting results and not what I would have thought.  In 5 years, the title will probably change to “are video games making kids hurt?”.

Another article from USA Today under the title, “More workers work through lunch or eat at their desks”.  Bottom line is that our bodies needs breaks.  We cannot continue this trend of 8-10 hour days at the computer at work, then at home and  expect not to feel pain over the course of months/years.  Taking a walk at lunch, or better yet getting out of the computer chair every half hour at least is needed.  Simple solution but with everyone trying to get ahead, this sustainability of screen time will have its consequences.  

I write this as I am on my laptop with my Ipad sitting next to me.  I can tell you from a tech guru that I love these devices but I have the luxury of being a physical therapist and knowing the effects of sustained postures and how to fix myself.  Maybe we as physical therapists can create a webpage of exercises and education to ‘reverse’ the forward postures?  What do you think?


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