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What can we learn from the demise from the greatest cruise liner at the time, and more importantly, how does this relate to OMPT?
Well, the first question could be answered on many levels but I like to relate the Titanic as the new, greatest and unstoppable machine at its time. Many individuals feel that Titanic represented humankind’s over reliance and overconfidence of machines.  This ship will not sink!
Every time I open a PT magazine, I see these new rehab products, workout equipment, advertisements for Ultrasound and cold laser machines, decompression devices and basically anything that can be sold.  I do feel they have their place in our profession but I dont want to overrely on them.  
Sometimes we need to go back to good ‘ol grunt work and use our hands.  Put a little “elbow grease” into it! Invest in yourself and continue to promote a hands-on approach.
As my mentor says,
“Machines do not fix people, people fix people”.  
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