Photo courtesy of Dodocase

Allan on “5 ways MDT will change orthopedics”.  Great read and I agree with all the statements even though I am not formally MDT trained.  Keep these five concepts in mind with “your” approach too. 

Physical Therapy named best job in 2012 by US News and World Report here!  Good for us.  Hope we don’t saturate the field though!

A Slate article on fashionable gaits.  Don’t think I read fashion, it just caught my eye!  Maybe we need to ‘come up’ with more gait assessments, I do get tired of trendelenburg and antalgic.  

91 year old gets FJA (finger joint arthroplasty) to keep exercising.  Good for her!  

PT Genie App.  Does anyone have this?  For $79.00, I am not sure.  



  1. PTGenie is a great app. It’s like a one stop shop with HEP’s, eval and daily notes forms, and common ortho protocols. It also has a camera to add your own pics of exes you’d like to add to the HEP’s. I’m a private practice owner and use it on a daily basis.

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