I was fortunate enough to receive an email from Founder of Physio Connection, Mr. Michael Phillip concerning his new professional networking site, similar to LinkdIn.  He has created a networking site specifically for PTs and other healthcare professionals.

I agree with Phillip that LinkdIn just was not working very well in terms of connecting with our profession considering it includes all professions.  I honestly just use the LinkdIn app on my Ipad and I really do not do anything more with it other than get a message here and there to connect with someone.  Maybe you all are getting more out of it than me?

Physio Connection is still in the beta, beginning stages but I feel it has very good potential.  It is quite overwhelming when you first go to the page due to all the forums/chats, members, pictures etc though.  I hope it does not get any more cluttered.  However, I feel I will use it more to connect with colleagues and learn as I get to know the site more; at least more than LinkdIn.   As a PT, I am more leaning towards just connecting with individuals in our field, as well as others such as orthopedics, PAs, etc. who can all collaborate to get to know each other more, but also improve our services.

Check out Physio Connection here.  Let me know what you think below!



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